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Karyn Vanderwarren Attorney Testimonials

Below are attorney testimonials for Karyn Vanderwarren. Estate planning testimonial from a financial advisor, real estate law from a lender and general business law from an adjunct at Solo Practice University.

Estate Planning Attorney Testimonial

Karyn is a very knowledgeable and personable attorney. It is hard to find someone who has her expertise that can still relate to my clients. She is a great asset, reference, and resource for my business.
— David Dykstra, Financial Advisor at Edward Jones

Karyn’s ability to create precise documents to cover the purpose of the transaction is excellent; her experience clearly shows through when preparing transactional documents, without unnecessary language or wasting time.
— Kevin Camden, adjunct at Solo Practice University

Real Estate Attorney Testimonial

Karyn is very willing to do whatever is necessary to meet objectives. Her professionalism, depth of knowledge, and integrity are exceptional.
— Carol Murray, Commercial Real Estate Lender and SBA Guaranteed Loan Specialist